Edmund and Eric were talking one day,

and the topic of hard cider came up.

Eric had the orchards,

and Edmund has the wherewithall.

Together, they formed

the Yankee Folly Cidery.


It started over 50 years ago with Eric’s grandfather Jack Lueken, his partner Raymond Jenkins, and just a few trees. Quickly thereafter, Jenkins and Lueken Orchard became a local favorite.


Family owned and operated, Jenkins and Lueken Orchard has grown throughout the years.

In its beginnings, the orchard featured five varieties.


Today, the Orchard has proudly expanded to thousands of trees and over 40 apple varieties. Of these varieties is the distinctive and highly acclaimed Golden Russet that Jack Lueken himself brought over from Germany.


This rare apple with its distinguished taste is unlike any other and is just one of the many varieties that is hand-selected

and pressed to create the unique blend that you can enjoy in our cider today.

The apples are in, the cider is done, the bottles are full. It's finally spring here in the Hudson Valley, and there is green out there. We are fully engaged in getting our cider into the stores and out to you.


Please raise a glass and be thankful with us.